Smart Ship Chandler

SMART Ship Chandler is an integrated system designed for Ship Chandlers that allows them to manage their whole business from one central software solution while experiencing significant business benefits.

The SMART Ship Chandler solution includes functionality handling:

Account management – Manage your financial transactions and order processing (sales/purchasing) with the leading solution made for Ship Chandlers

Ship Chandler data management – Use our solution that understands the particularities of your chandlery. Cross reference between IMPA,
vendor/customer, and internal product codes, manage dummy items, unknown codes, provision sales, return orders, and much more.

Inventory management – Manage all your inventory items and non-stock purchases with our integrated solution.

The SMART Ship Chandler solution integrates all your business processes in one central solutions and allows you to:

  • Streamline order processing and invoicing
  • Manage Vendor requests, Vendor prices, and Vendors efficiently
  • Process quotes and orders quickly
  • Cross reference between
  • IMPA codes
  • Customer codes
  • Vendor codes
  • Other codes
  • Support multiple units of measure
  • Manage unknown codes
  • Quickly dispatch purchasing documents from sales documents
  • Define default customer/product mark up matrix
  • Separate invoices by vessel department codes
  • Manage contracts
  • Quickly view profit margins

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